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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Poppin' Give Away!!!!!!

One of my fav bloggers (Abby from the inspired apple)  has created a new activity..... Enter to win in ths great give away. :)


New TpT Files

I've recently added a few more things to my TpT store. Check them out....

Grade 3 Everyday Math Unit 8 Resources

Happy PSSA testing to my fellow PA bloggers! We're 3/6 done!

Dr. Seuss Reading Cafe

First of all...please forgive me for not posting for a whole MONTH!!! I really missed my blogging buddies! This post is really late, but file it away for next year.

This is the second year we had a Dr. Seuss Reading Cafe. It turned out wonderful. The kids did such an outstanding job. Each child in the classroom had a job (waitress, host, chef) in making the Reading Cafe a success. Parents and relatives were invited in to enjoy a delicious "meal" in our cafe. The waitress/waiters "served" (read) the guests a book of their choice from out student created menus. 

Download the TpT files here.