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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kid Kindness Day Freebie

My summer to do list hasn't turned into a "To Done" list yet! I'm working on it, but still lots to do. I'm in the process of reorganizing my flash drive. I've been finding some random things that I forgot about! Here's one..... The last 26 days of school we do the A-Z countdown. Letter K is Kid Kindness day. Create a colossal cupcake. Each sprinkle on the cupcake contains an action the kids can do to be kind to others (idea courtesy of one of my colleagues). 

Chocolate cupcakes filled with pb; vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberry ... mmmm!

Click HERE to download Kids Kindness sheet.

For letter A (the first day) we create these awesome butterfly murals! I purchased this mural from the art for kids website. This is always one of my favorite projects at the end of the year! :)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Immigration Unit

Here is my unit on immigrants. I compiled and created the ideas to accompany the curriculum unit on immigrants. As we learned about the immigrants and Ellis Island, the students created suitcases and wrote a personal account of an immigrant. As a culminating learning activity, the students dressed up and participated in an Ellis Island simulation (Coming to America celebration). It was a great learning experience. Snag it at TPT! 

A quick peek....


Rock Star Theme

So this year I decided to do a Rock Star theme in my classroom. Here are a few FREEBIES that I have created to go with the theme! (I posted them in Word so that you may add your own students' names.) Note: Graphics are copyrighted by Thistle Girl Designs. I have purchased a license to use them on documents I create.

(Click on the pictures to download the documents.)

Desk Folder Cover - I print these in color (They look great from a Laser Jet Colored Printer. If you don't have one of these, you can often find coupons to Staples, Office Max, etc. for cheap colored printing.)

ROCKSTAR Binder cover 

Desk Name Plates

I hope you have a "rockin' 4th of July"! :)


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I'm still alive! It's been forever since I've posted! I've been a busy bee this summer! Projects, projects, and projects.... Here are just a few.

An owl I just finished. I'm going to use it as a questioning owl. I think I am going to attach speech bubbles that say: Who, What, When, etc.

The above picture is a work in progress. We are having a garage sale at our house this weekend so I am sitting here painting.  This is a wooden cubby. I plan on using it for small group reading groups. We use the Treasures reading series. My approaching group kiddos are the apples (red) the onlevel group are the oranges (orange), the beyond group are the bananas (yellow). If I have a fourth group, they are the kiwis. This just helps me remember the level and the color.

I repainted and got new goodies for one of our guest bathrooms.

My husband and I LOVE to garden and plant things! We're regulars at Lowes clearance plant section! Ha! Ha! We have lots of places to plant things. This summer we planted lots of perennials.

Jewelry I made for my friend's wedding.

jewelry for another friend's wedding

We are in the process of bricking a sidewalk from our deck to our driveway. We're not finished yet! It's in the works.

On another school note....for all you Dr. Seuss fans...Target now has their Dr. Seuss things in the $1 section. I LOVE stocking up on these things for our Dr. Seuss reading cafe! (Click to find it on TPT).

Just a few back to school must haves....
I love this book to introduce fractions, but it is no longer in print. I ended up finding it for 98 cents online! Wahoo!

So I am on the chart marker band wagon. I just had to pick up a pack of these markers that everyone in blog land is ranting and raving about (Thanks Abby and Deanna!) :)

Finally, I think I have decided on my classroom theme for next year (I have been changing for the past four years...this will probably be the last new one before I start rotating). I have done team theme, hollywood, western, jungle... and now.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

A few of the treasures I've found.

It was between this and Pirate/Nautical, but I found more stuff for this!

I think that is all I have to share for now! I plan on posting again later! :)