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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Hodge Podge of Updates!

So it's been forever since I've blogged! Here are some updates of what's happening in our classroom!

My classroom library has lots of books in it. So many chapter books that it was kind of overwhelming for the students to pick their "just right books". Instead they were spending so much time at the library as "fake readers". In an effort to make the task of selecting a book easier for the students, I decided to reorganize the library according to level. This was quite a task, but I had the help of my amazing student teacher!  Each book was labeled with an AR label (includes title of books, book level, book quiz number). We then used used a hole punch to make vinyl stickers of each color. The stickers were then put on the spine of each book according to their level.

Next....We just started our unit on plants. All of my bulletin boards are full so I don't have any room to post vocab words. I devised a plan for that..... I took a rectangular planter and put foam on the bottom. Next, I took stakes and glued them to little rectangular wood pieces. I also purchased a roll of dry erase paper and glued a piece on each wooden rectangle. (All supplies, besides the planter were purchased at Michaels.)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The students in my class are well on their way to earning their ice cream party! Here are the ice cream sundaes they are building.

Next up, AR! This nine weeks, the students are working to meet their individual AR goals. When they meet the goal, they earn a cookie and drink. After their goal is met there are additional rewards. (I found that if they only have to meet their goal then they usually shut down after they achieve it. So we keep working as hard as we can the whole nine weeks.)

Finally, these were too cute not to post. Way back in February I came across an AWESOME idea! (Forgive me please, I can't remember whose original idea it was...someone please tell me if you remember so that I can give her credit.) I love, love, loved this "When I'm 100" writing and picture idea. My students loved it too. Here are just a few of their creative ideas.  :)

Notice that the apron says "Born to Cook"!

I love the parted hair, eye brows, and missing teeth.