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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cell Pals Student Partners/Grouping

Use these cell phones to pair your students up with a partner. Each student gets a cell phone. Their cell phones will have "friends/speed dial" numbers on it. Each number will have a classmate listed beside it. The teacher calls out a speed dial number. Whoever the student has listed beside that number is the partner he/she works with. The students LOVE their cell phones and look forward to using them all the time!!! 

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  1. Help me understand... if Johnny has Susie has number 4 but Susie has Bobby as number 4 how does that work? How do you pair only 2? Do the students pick their own numbers and names??

    1. Yes, the students pick their own cell pal for each number. I have them pick one number at a time. Everyone goes around and finds someone for their number 1. Once everyone has a number 1, I have them go around and find a number 2, etc. So when I tell them to "call" their 4 friend. Everyone has a partner.

      Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. @Simple-- that was exactly my thought... love the idea just need more clarification.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your good ideas. As an "older" teacher, I am always excited to see the new ideas that "younger" teachers are developing. :-)

  4. I just found your post via pinterest! I love it!!! I use to use clock buddies but I think next year I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

    One Teacher's Take

  5. once two students find each other, they write each others names on their number 1 for example.
    Candice's Cell Johnny's cell
    1. Johnny 1. Candice

    and so forth.
    Then you call out... ok speed dial 1. Johnny and Candice work with each other.
    Hope that helps. My middle schoolers will love this.

  6. What do you do if you have an odd number of kids?

  7. I have 23 students, and there always has to be a grouping of 3.

  8. This is such a cute idea!!!


  9. I used to use a clock and student had a partner for each hour... but this cell phone idea is way cuter!!! I love it! :)

    First Grade Garden

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