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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little of This...and That

Hello Everyone!
I sure hope you are all staying warm! We've had temperatures well below zero the last few days here in PA and have been off school. I sure have enjoyed the extra time with my little guy, but will miss it when it's time to make it up in JUNE!
I have had quite a few people sending me messages asking about our son Cael. He is doing outstanding right now! We are looking at his next open heart surgery in June, heart cath in May, and hopefully removing the feeding tube in September! Here is his Facebook page that we set up when we were in the hospital a lot to keep our friends and family updated. 
Now on to teacher stuff....
I haven't been quite as productive with school stuff as I probably should be. {In my defense, I went to start work the other day, hopped on Facebook, and read a post that said "When you have to choose between work and your kids, pick your kids, the work will be there later!" I figured that was my sure sign that I needed to let the work go and play!} :) Here's just a little something that I put together tonight for helping verbs this week. It's a {FREEBIE!}!

I'm so excited about my next unit! It's a work in progress right now. The unit started when I was student teaching eight or so years ago (shout out to my amazing cooperating teacher Ms. Lair!!). I've added and made so many things. I absolutely love to teach it and the kids eat it up....It's the WILD WILD WEST....PIONEERS!

Here's just a little sneak peak....

Have a great rest of the week!

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