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Thursday, May 5, 2011

government unit, plant growth and development, coordinate grids

Miss Clark, our student teacher, taught a unit on government. The students had to campaign for mayor of our classroom, register to vote, and vote for the class mayor. After elections, the class mayor(s) ran a town meeting to solve a town problem.

Our class with Miss Clark

"Who wants more recess?"  "I DO"    "Who wants more candy?"    "I DO".....too fun!


The voting booth was made out of one of the student's parent's bath tub boxes.

After voting, the students proudly wore an "I voted" sticker.

All dressed up for his campaign speech! GO PSU!

Teaching Coordinate Grids and Ordered Pairs. Our field student, Miss Bertrand, taught a lesson on coordinate grids this week. She taught the students to walk across the grid and then up the grid to get a piece of candy they wanted on the grid.  (We wanted to go outside, but it has been raining SO MUCH in PA lately.)

Just a little treat I put together. The font cards came from

Plant Growth and Development
In Science, we are studying the life cycle of a plant as well as bees. We have been using our bees to pollinate the flowers.  



  1. I really like the coordinate grid. What a great kinesthetic approach!


  2. I am wondering if this could be modified for my 4th graders! They would love this!

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