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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordle in the classroom

Tonight after school I attended a workshop on using Wordle in the classroom. Technology is always so amazing! I'm constantly blown away by new ideas and teaching tools.  Tonight I created one to use tomorrow... We are learning action verbs right now. i plan on having the students color in all of the action verbs. You could also have them color verbs one color and nouns another, etc.....


Same words...different formation...

Wordle can be used many other ways as well....back to school get to know you activity (words to describe them), character traits, vocab words, spelling words, synonyms, write autobiography about themselves...copy and paste into and contrast themselves with others, etc.

The presenter of the workshop showed ths examples of synonyms

A video tutorial on how to create word clouds on Wordle can be found at 

Happy "Wordle"ing... :)


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